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Forest in Nature

Isthmus Park Exhibits

If you walk through Isthmus Park, you may have noticed the recent efforts made to revive this unique area. The Bowles Metropolitan District has been devoting time and energy to restore signs, plantings, and the educational purpose of the Park. The District is dedicated to providing enjoyable green spaces for our community and we know that the Isthmus is a pleasant place for many who visit the Park.

Tribes of the Colorado Plains and Foothills.

Exhibit #1

If you lived in the time of the Arapaho people, what do you think your daily life would be like? 

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Exhibit #2

The Essence of Life

What are some other native plants that could be in your xeriscape garden?

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Purple Flower.
Butterfly on Flower.

Exhibit #3

The Proliferation of Life

How can you attract more pollinators where you live? 

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Exhibit #4

The Web of Life

Describe a food chain that may exist at Isthmus Park. 

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Exhibit #5

What's in a Name?

Was Denver always named "Denver"?

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Exhibit #6

Build a Life List of Birds

While at Isthmus Park, can you sing the bird song you hear? What do you think the song(s) mean? 

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Kayak on a lake.

Exhibit #7

Getting your Feet Wet

How have we impacted birds over time? 

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Exhibit #8

What's a Rookery?

How else can we protect the rookery at Isthmus Park? 

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Bird in a Rookery.

Exhibit #10

Prairie Primer

What other animals can you find in these environments?


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Sunset landscape picture.

Exhibit #9

One Size Does Not Fit All

What materials would you use to build a house outside for yourself, without buying anything? 


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